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Hi! I'm the founder and CEO of Virtual Assistant Staffing and I'm excited you're here. I've been using Virtual Assistants in my business where ever possible for the past few years and I've cut my payroll from over $125K to just $40k per month. What I found was there are many roles within a business that just make sense to let someone else handle.

Let me tell you briefly how the process works, so you are clear on what to expect. We make this easy for you.

First, complete the short enrollment form below and hit submit. That starts the ball rolling. One of our highly skilled outsourcing consultants will reach out to you to schedule your free, no obligation consultation. These guys and gals are US based people who are able to help you understand how to best determine the most logical places within your organization that a VA can help. There is only one criteria that stands to reason, the position they fill must have tasks that do not require their physical presence in your work location. After all, they aren't exactly right around the corner... But they are just a quick Skype ping away...

Once you talk with our outsourcing consultant, the best news is they will show you how to leverage your 40 hours of free VA time. And like I said, these folks are good at what they do so you'll absolutely love the service they provide, the freedom they give you, and the opportunity you'll have to put more focus on your business, rather than in it.

After all, if you are doing work that isn't the highest and best use of your time, then let us help you correct that immediately and get you doing more of what you are great at!

So complete the form below now and we'll be getting you what you need in a matter of days. It's what we are great at!

I look forward to working with you soon!

Client Enrollment Form
How can we best reach you?
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