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Subcontracting a Virtual Assistant promotes ease in gaining the much-needed support you need and not having to think of hiring full-time business employees. You must recognize that as the business head, you cannot execute everything yourself. You have to focus on more important details of the day which are part of your business priorities while producing more revenue for your business. Being the one leading the business, each minute of your time is priceless.

Virtual Assistants are specialist in the administrative field of your business. These are the tips in hiring the right virtual assistant for your business needs:
Make a online research by checking out the total look and content of their websites. If you are not pleased with the look and content of the website then you should start searching again for more possible virtual assistants. if there are wrong grammars in the content or if there are misspelled words, then you have already the idea that he/she is not the Virtual assistant that you need. By visiting their website you’re doing proper online research in finding the perfect Virtual Assistant. Check out the total look and their content. The competent Virtual assistant would typically have their work portfolios online to prove their competencies.

you will definitely need a virtual assistant who you can work well with if you are the Owner of a business. It is suggested that you set up a consultation with your shortlisted candidates of virtual assistants. Set up a consultation with your prospect hire. Arrange a consultation with your candidate and then wait for the answer and this will be the justifying factor to hire the person or not. Did the online ads respond in a timely manner? while talking about your business needs, Were they ready on the phone? These are relevant questions any entrepreneur should ask themselves when arranging a consultation with a virtual assistant. it is your task to make sure that you gain insight if this person can show you the skills and services you need for your business.

Because you need a Virtual assistant who can display a great business sense as well as a person who can work with professionally. Check on how the person handled the consultation. It is important for you to check on how the virtual assistant handled the consultation. Values and expectations should be discussed as well since both of you will be working closely together. What other services can she/he possibly offer? one question you can ask is to show a clear overview on how the virtual helper works with clients.

You should have someone who can display huge deal of administrative skills and who can be an asset to your business. Always ask about the work experiences of your candidate. Definitely, you will want a virtual assistant who has a great deal of experience. What is your desired level of skills for your virtual assistant? Perhaps you would want to get someone who had experience in being of service to higher level positions. It is necessary for your virtual assistant candidate to talk about their skills and qualifications. This will help you in deciding if they are the right candidate for the job. You have to verify how long the online ads have been in the business.

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  1. Mike Julom

    I would like to apply for the position as a Virtual Assistant. I’ve been working as a Lead Specialist, Appointment Setter, Outbound Seller and for the past 6 years working in different BPO company here in the Philippines, I have developed my great communication sales skills and the ability to build a strong long term relationship with my customers.

    My resume is enclosed here and as you will note, my working experiences and my wide range of skills, I believe could be an asset to your company.

    I am computer literate and my working experiences to different companies speak out my capabilities and competence. I am also willing to undergo training if you would require it. My work experiences and skills are the ones which I believe brought out the best of me.

    Attached is my recording from my previous Appointment Setting job. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Very truly yours,

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