100% Money-Back Guarantee!

We believe in our service so much, that we will 100% Guarantee* you that we’ll do a fantastic job for you, or  you can discontinue our service, with absolutely NO PENALTY, and we’ll even refund your last pay period IN FULL (pay periods are every two weeks). You may, at your discretion, choose to have us simply replace the assistant who was not a great fit for your team with one who is, AND WE’LL STILL REFUND 100% OF YOUR MONEY for the last pay period for the “not so terrific fit”!! You have absolutely NO RISK!! That’s how confident we are that you will LOVE our service! To take it even a GIANT step further, when you refer other people to us, we will PAY YOU 10% of every dollar we collect from them when they hire a virtual assistant from us!

No other virtual assistant staffing company guarantee comes even close! AND, we are the ONLY virtual assistant staffing company that we know of who will actually PAY YOU for referring us to others!




*Money-back guarantee not valid for customers who are/were offered “Free Trial” period.