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Technology has developed extremely high that even a person across the border can work for you and your office. He will be same as a regular employee who works for you round the clock day or night from a distant place. If you want to free up most of your time, then, it’s a wise idea to experience the benefits of the various virtual assistant services offered by many virtual companies. You can select from the wide range of Virtual Assistants available in market like, Ms Office Assistant, Technical / Creative Assistant, Legal Virtual Assistant, Real State Virtual Assistant, Medical Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Virtual Employee and many more.

Ms Office Assistant is the one who can assist you for doing your tasks efficiently using Ms Office tools. His field of expertise will be Ms Office and he will be a well certified by Microsoft. He can assist you for using word, excel, power point etc. He can help you to make power point presentations, word documents, excel sheets with formulas and many more. As they are an expert in the field, they will consume only very less time for getting these tasks done.


  • Technical / Creative Support are well trained person who works up with you about Blog and web designs, Product Launch Planning and Implementation and lot more.


  • Legal Virtual Assistant is a highly-trained  person in the legal field who has extensive prior legal secretarial experience. They can advice you in every aspects of you business. They can help make the practice of Law simpler and more efficient.


  • Real Estate Virtual Assistants are mainly for top producing agents Virtual Assistant can help the realtor boost his business. will help you in article posting, will check your mails and respond to them in time, will manage your online accounts and also will help you in short sales. These type of virtual assistants will post your listings in MLS and other websites; will take care of the leads, make appointment with your clients, help you in showing of a listing, post ads for your in Craigslist.


  • A Medical assistant is an unlicensed multi-skilled health professional who offers administrative, clerical and technical support to the licensed physician. The medical assistant is a perfect addition to any medical office and adds real value to a doctor’s practice.


  • A Marketing Assistant is primarily responsible for performing daily administrative work such as handling emails, data entry and files; coordinating with other department personnel; scheduling conferences; making travel arrangements for marketing manager and acting as point of contact for administrative help for marketing department personnel.


  • Administrative Assistant is mainly used for handling all the administrative tasks. These administrative assistants can takeoff all the time consuming tasks from your head. They will check your mails and respond to them,do data entry and book keeping and many more. Arrange your meetings with clients, answer phone calls on behalf of you.


A Virtual employee is an independent contractor hired to perform tasks from a remote location, usually via the Internet or phone. A Virtual Employee is a remote addition and extension of your local team/company and so hiring a Virtual Employee is just like hiring a local employee.

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  1. Please give me some pricing on Virtual asstiance for marketing,tech and Admin.
    Thank You,
    Kathleen Jones

    • admin

      Hi Kathleen,
      They are from all over the world, Europe, Philippines, England etc. and will work whatever hours you prefer. Generally, most agents have their assistants work during the agents normal business hours.
      Price depends on several factors, including: number of hours you request per week (lowest rates available when you are using more hours etc), skill level of the assistant, their English level (mild accent is lower cost than no accent and so on). Prices can be as low as $7/ hr all in (you do NOT have to pay any taxes, social security etc.) And can range as high as $15 for the best of the best. As an example, a really terrific bookkeeper would be $9.
      The best thing to do is to have my assistant set up a call for us to discuss your individual needs.

  2. Hi,

    Do you have any VA’s who can do telemarketing?


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