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Across the globe, the concept of a Virtual Assistant is gaining immense popularity. Business enterprises worldwide formulate strategies to survive subsequent recession and bad economic weather. in order to cut costs and maintain their leaning profit margins, they are looking at options like offshore outsourcing and Virtual Assistance.

Let us understand first what Virtual Assistants actually are. There are numerous proven advantages associated with virtual assistance but some businesses still have their share of concerns. Even if they want to indulge in it, they have their doubts and questions about it.

Virtual Assistants provide support without being physically present at your office premises and they are professionals who deliver their services online. They can work with you to help you achieve your primary goals and objectives of your business, providing you assistance with an extensive variety of administrative and technical tasks.

The benefit of outsourcing work to a Virtual Assistant is that they will provide their own offices, hardware and software equipments. Moreover, virtual assistants have high tech and up to date hardware.  They have no vacations, sick leave and casual leaves. You only pay them on the days that they work for you. There is no insurance, profit sharing and medical claims. Virtual assistants work on hourly rate. Therefore you end up paying only for the time devoted on the tasks.

The important factor in selecting an Efficient Virtual Assistant is that, you should determine the success of your outsourcing deal.  You should always remember that, it is always better to outsource your work to an outsourcing company that has experienced virtual assistant to work for you. It is also important that the virtual assistance firm is popular in the medium they deliver and has a strong web presence.

You have to look in their portfolio or case study. You should also ask the service providers about their experience in the industry. This will give you idea about what and how they have been working in the past and how well they deliver projects. You could also see how many years they have been in the industry. For example if you need to get a website designed, ask them to show some examples of their previous work. If your need help with data entry tasks, ask about the typing speed of the virtual assistants.

To communicate with a Virtual Assistant is done through telephone, one on one online and webcam chat, email, and even fax to supply them with information or anything else. All the work done by virtual assistant is delivered online.


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  1. Michael

    Outsourcing to a virtual assistant was a big move for me. I was unsure about how I would manage a virtual assistant, would they be qualified, whether or not outsourcing would be cost effective, and had no idea how I would ensure the work was getting done.

    Once I started, however, outsourcing quickly became a HUGE part of my business and eventually I replaced all but one of my local employees with virtual assistants. I couldn’t be happier!

    Outsourcing has allowed me to take back my life! Work is being done wether I am in the office, or on vacation, and at a rate that is so affordable, I’d be CRAZY to even think about doing the work myself or hiring locally.

    OUTSOURCING to VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS through Virtual Assistant Staffing was one of (if not THE) best decisions I have ever made for my business.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. It hasn’t all been peaches and cream… While most of the VA’s I have hired have been terrific, there have been a few disappointments, heck, even a couple disasters! That being said, the 100% Money Back Guarantee virtual assistant staffing offers took the risk out of it for me, and I was able to get my money back on the not so great ones, and keep only the va’s I really liked!

    I looked at some of the :Guarantee’s” other va companies offered, and frankly, they were BS! Generally, they only allow their clients to get SOME of their money back, even though they claimed to give more.

    At the end of the day, VAS (Virtual Assistant Staffing) stands behind their VA’s 100%, and puts their money where their mouth is!

    Oh, and as an added bonus, they have an affiliate program that PAYS ME every time someone I refer to them hires one of their va’s! Pretty awesome!

    ok, I gotta go… you see, while my va’s are busily working on my behalf, I am on an extended vacation in Europe! Getting ready to head to Austria and maybe jump over to Morocco later next week!


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