Virtual Assistants for Real Estate Business

As a busy real estate professional, you probably find yourself anxiously trying to coordinate projects, but often find yourself overwhelmed in details. Imagine having the free time to list or sell more properties. Imagine having to focus more on the things you do best and still have plenty of time to spare for your family.

We have Virtual Assistants well-versed in a wide range of services that encompass the whole gamut of activities in your real estate investing business which include the following among others:

Small Team Specific Positions:

  • Executive Assistant (Virtual Assistant)
  • Listing Coordinator (Virtual Assistant)
  • Transaction Coordinator (Virtual Assistant)

Executive Department:

  • Team Leader (Usually lives local, but eventually can be located anywhere in the world!)
  • Executive Assistant (Virtual Assistant)
  • Office Manager (Can be Virtual or Local)

Short Sale Negotiation Department:

  • Negotiator (Virtual Assistant)
  • Documentation Coordinator (Virtual Assistant)

Retail/Short Sale Listing Department

  • Telemarketer(s) (Virtual Assistants)
  • Listing Coordinator (Virtual Assistant)
  • Marketing Coordinator (Virtual Assistant)

Client Care Department:

  • Receptionist (Virtual Assistant)
  • Client Care Coordinator (Virtual Assistant)
  • Event Coordinator (Virtual Assistant)
  • Client Concierge (Virtual Assistant)

Buyers Specialist Department:

  • Buyer Agent Coordinator (Virtual Assistant)
  • Lead Coordinator (Virtual Assistant)

REO Department:

  • Utilities Coordinator (Virtual Assistant)
  • Bookkeeper (Virtual Assistant)
  • Reimbursement Specialist(s) (Virtual Assistants)
  • Pre-Listing Coordinator (Virtual Assistant)

Valuations Department:

  • BPO/MSR Coordinator (Virtual Assistant)
  • Data Entry Specialist(s) (Virtual Assistants)

Property Preservation Department:

  • Property Preservation Specialist (Virtual Assistant)

Transaction Closing Coordination Department:

  • Transaction/Closing Coordinator(s) (Virtual Assistants) [1 per 40-50 open escrows]
  • Closing Assistant (Virtual Assistant) [1 per 100 open escrows]

Accounting Department:

  • CFO (Virtual Assistant)
  • Bookkeeper(s) (Virtual Assistants)

Web Domination Department:

  • Blogger(s) (Virtual Assistants)
  • SEO Specialist(s) (Virtual Assistants)
  • Website Developer(s) (Virtual Assistants)

Property Management Department:

  • Marketing Coordinator (Virtual Assistant)
  • Leasing Specialist (Local, unless you have a runner, then can be Virtual Assistant)
  • Bookkeeper (Virtual Assistant)

… And more!

The possibilities on what you can have your virtual assistant do for you are endless!

A Real Estate Virtual Assistant could work for you and become your solution for all your real estate business problems.