Virtual Assistants for Video Editing

Here at Virtual Assistant Staffing™, we use digital video equipment and software to edit the post production work of film or video production, usually referred to as post-production work, (the work that is completed after all video or film has been shot, narration completed and sound tracks accumulated).

Our Virtual Assistants are experienced professionals in the field of audio and video work:

  • Evaluate story line
  • Select scenes in story line
  • Improves the value or story continuity.
  • Edit raw footage
  • Color corrections review assemble
  • Video quality corrections.
  • Trims or crops video segments.
  • Use professional digital editing software and equipment, such as Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adding sound effects
  • Adding music sound libraries or websites.
  • Adding graphics, banner graphics, watermarks.
  • Creates intros or outros to video.
  • …and More!

If you want to able to add more interesting effects and transitions to your videos, you might want to hire our Virtual Assistants. These VA’s provide very intuitive user interfaces to complete basic editing tasks, and they also render advanced video effects.

Virtual Assistants for Blogging

Our Virtual Assistants load your blog up with posts to last six months to a year. Our VA’s can research keywords for each post and you will have blog pages that are optimized to attract search engine visitors.