From Valued Clients:

“My virtual assistant is terrific! She saves me money, does a fantastic job, and is invaluable to my business! The process of hiring through Virtual Assistant Staffing was easy, fast and efficient. With the money back guarantee, I knew I had nothing to lose! I HIGHLY recommend this service!” - Ken Kellermann President – Sales Advantage Group – California, USA



“The addition of our VA to our team has been a business changing experience for us, our on-site staff no longer has their days consumed with data entry or spending hours on craigslist. We are able to implement effective systems and focus on money making tasks. At this point in our business we couldn’t do it without our VA!” - Janet Hegseth – Keller Williams Real Estate




Brad Martineau“Thanks Mike! You guys are lightning fast. I’m not sure if you started looking for the person I needed before I even knew I needed him, but it sure seemed like it. Great service and great support. Can’t wait till I need another VA so I can go through the process again.” - Brad Martineau – Infuse My Business




“I have been quite impressed by the way that my VA has been able to work with me.

My assistant has been a very quick learner with an excellent work ethic. She has kept in constant communication with me so that I always knew what she was working on, and could offer her suggestions or changes as needed. She was also proactive in offering me suggestions for expanding my online presence.

I have been very pleased with my experience with my VA and with Virtual Assistant Staffing™. I would not hesitate to recommend Virtual Assistant Staffing™ to anyone needing help with their business.” – Kathy Ames – Howard Hanna Real Estate Services


Jeff Giagnocavo

“I use my VA, Rola, in a number of ways.  I was connected to her via the wonderful people at Virtual Assistant Staffing™.  Rola is awesome, she works for us on an ongoing basis calling our customers and doing a survey over the phone making sure our customers are happy with their purchase.  We could never keep up with this on our own, it would simply get put to the side for another day, and I tell you now that other day never comes.  There is never enough time. 

Delegation is the key to any business owners success and using a VA is a key component of cost effective delegation.  Just this week Rola called over 150 of my customers for an upcoming trade show.  I never get around to calling everyone and Rola did a great job! I have over 30 confirmed appointments.  All of this happened this week while I was opening new business and focused on growing my businesses.  Once you know how to use a VA the right way a whole world of opportunity opens up.  Simply get with Michael at Virtual Assistant Staffing and he will show you how to get more done while doing less!”

 Jeff Giagnocavo – Gardner’s Mattress & More, Mega Mattress Margins, American Dream Home Buyers

Hi Michael – I just want to give a ‘shout out’ to Marie, the virual assistant you found us. I’ve found her to be hard working, smart as a whip, courteous, polite and professional. She’s doing a great job for us and she’s been a pleasure to work with. Within the first two weeks of working with Marie she was booking 40% of the contacts she made and that has risen to a pretty consistent 50%. Thank you.” - Michael Mills  - BusinessDesignCorp

“Michael:I wanted  to thank you today for your time on the VA assistance. Also, I wanted to let you know that you time at the Note Worthy Conference was a real eye-opener and your presentation was by far, the most lively and interesting to experience. I feel your product/service is extremely helpful and conducive to our current national economic landscape (as a business owner) and I hope to see you again (representing your company) at next years Note Worth conference. I cannot wait to work with you and your outfit. Speak to you soon.” - Abby J. Shemesh - Acquisitions Director | Managing Partner - Amerinote | Xchange, LLC

Dear Michael, It was a pleasure to speak with you too and I look forward to finding more ways to use your VA’s to help our members. As for working with [the VA you found us], I cannot speak highly enough of him and his work. I began working with him through Verl’s role as president of Top 5 in Real Estate and have found him professional, engaged and proactive. We spoke of a possible project and to my great surprise a few days later he came back with possible prototypes and plans to forward with the project. It is a delight to work with him professionally and personally. I have always found him respectful of deadlines and available for communications both by instant message or by Skype call at hours that must be the middle of the night for him.
I hesitate to recommend him too highly for the fear that someone else will lure him away from our company and all the value he has brought to all the projects he is involved in. I hope you are aware of what a valuable asset he is to your company as I am aware what an asset he has been to us. ” - Paris Cheffer, RIS Media Top 5 In Real Estate


From Team Members:

“Hi! I live on the Easternmost part of Manila and I used to burn up about 5 hours worth of drive time to and from work everyday.  Thank you very much for having me onboard as your VA, I’ve finally made that unproductive 5 hours productive”

- Hermie

Virtual Assistant
Manila, Philippines



“Working for Virtual Assistant Staffing is great because of the working environment the company have set. The company staff makes certain that the relationships between each employee, including the superiors, has a balance between professionalism and casualness. I think that is very important in a business with team members working from different places in the world. The members of the staff are smart, skilled, friendly and approachable. Communication is the key. We have that, and it  makes any challenges the client present easy and trouble-free, because each and everyone  make sure that assistance / support is efficiently provided to any team member needing it.”
- Kit
Virtual Assistant
Dagupan City, Philippines


“Being a part of a team like Virtual Assistant Staffing is an opportunity for me to utilize my skills, use it to help others who needs it, and improve it with everyday learning. It provides me with a comfortable working atmosphere wherein  you develop a relationship with the clients and the other staff;  we trust each other, we understand the inner workings of both sides of the spectrum.  They’ll see that you have their back, and they’ll in return give you respect. And the rewards are great. When you complete that huge project and send out a huge invoice; that’s the reward! When your client calls you and gives kudos like, “You work magic, and I could never do this without you!”, Reward!  When your clients love you so much they nickname you their “Superstar”, or “Rockstar”, and even want to look into “cloning” you (ha-ha) – Reward!
These, among many other things including the assistance and support that the members of Virtual Assistant Staffing offers, are the significant reasons why I am loving working for this company!”

- Jen
Head Virtual Assistant
Dagupan City, Philippines


“Hi there! I’m Harold Macaraeg from the Philippines and I am a VA of Virtual Assistants Staffing. Since I work for the company as a home-based independent contractor, I am able to earn a living to provide for my family, without having to sacrifice the time I spend with them. I am a father to a 4-year old kid and because I work from home, I never have to miss-out on witnessing my boy growing-up.

I am glad to be a part of a company that is giving me the opportunity to use the skills I learned from my college degree and at the same time, be with my family and be a regular DAD to my son. Thank you, VIRTUAL ASSISTANT STAFFING!”
- Harold
Virtual Assistant
Dagupan City, Philippines


“Hello there,  I just want to share my experience working here at Virtual Assistant Staffing. From the day that I started working in this company I really like it a lot. I enjoy working here every single day.. I really appreciate the transparency and employee oriented of the company. Great work life balance and benefits compare to other.  If u remember, I mentioned the EMPLOYEE ORIENTED COMPANY a while ago, the reason why I said this, our manager make sure we are really part of the team, they make sure our opinions and suggestions and comments and needs are being heard and considered. one more thing, even if I’m from the Philippines , it feels like we are working in the same office, the presence of the manager and the support of my co-workers  are the simple reason why i can say ” i love my job and I love working in Virtual Assistant Staffing!!!”
- Arvin
Search Engine Optimizer
Dagupan City, Philippines


“A Virtual Assistant can do as a real estate agent is to eliminate tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks without the costs and hassles of on-site employees. Guaranteed that their employer receive high quality, timely, and confidential business support. And can be able to multi task.

As a Virtual Assistant, I do data entry, utility calls, email, update files. I keep my task updated on my daily schedule and type reports.

I’m familiar with the Maestro… I do updates, add new assignments and sometimes add photos of the property. And I’m also familiar with Equator.  I’m being trained with the things I don’t know.”
- Joan
Virtual Assistant
Dagupan City, Philippines