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What We Do

We are an American company that helps businesses and individuals find, hire, train and manage virtual assistants globally.

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  1. Mark

    Does your Team specialize in a specific industry or is this general V/A help? I am specific to the real estate business. If so, what specifics in real estate do the V/A work, etc.? Thanks

    • hellickson

      I apologize for the delay in response to your post… We have MANY virtual assistants that specialize in helping real estate agents. We even have a ton of VA’s skilled in Keller Williams systems like eEdge, Market Leader and the like…
      Jump on and fill out the form and we’ll get you a TON of ideas on how virtual assistants can and do help real estate agents with everything from data entry, to bookkeeping, from telemarketing to transaction coordination!

    • hellickson

      We hire VA’s for all types of positions…..

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