Using Virtual Assistants to grow your business, make more money, & increase your free time!


From “Lone Ranger” to World Class Team Builder, if you don’t HAVE an assistant, YOU ARE ONE™!

Alternate title: Building Your World Class Team

Imagine if you could save money, get more done, find more free time, and make more money right now. The adage is true, “If you don’t have an assistant, YOU ARE ONE”. In this class, participants will learn the how, what, when why, and even the WHO of hiring assistants be they local or virtual. Learn how Michael Hellickson grew from being the “Lone Ranger” in his business, to building MULTIPLE World Class Teams with over 44 employees, and more importantly, how you can too! Discover how you too can save upwards of 68% on payroll by hiring virtual assistants. Michael will BLOW YOUR MIND in what is guaranteed to be the most inspiring session, the most incredible education, the most EMPOWERING event you will attend ALL YEAR! You will walk away from this class, confident in your knowledge of all things relating to assistants, and armed with specific steps so you can find, hire, train, motivate, and hold your World Class Team accountable to YOUR goals and vision for your company. EVERY attendee will receive 40 free hours of Virtual Assistant time so that you can decide for yourself if an assistant is the right thing for your business, right now.


In this one hour MIND BLOWING, Cheese Moving, Life Altering session, you will learn:

The TOP 10 ways to save BIG by shifting your thinking on Team Building.

The single BIGGEST MISTAKE most business owners are making right now, and how you can avoid it!

How to “Test Drive” EVERY hire for 40 hours FOR FREE, to ensure they are the right fit for your team.

How to take back 2/3 of your time, while making more money, so you can lead a more balanced life!

27 things an assistant can take off your plate TODAY so you can focus on making money!

How you can make money, every time your friends hire a new assistant, without ANY work on your part!