All of our VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS are well trained dew to their experience in different Task. We also provide them with Videos, Training Material and Hands-ON one on one training with other skilled VA’s. They specialize Craigslist Posting, Infusion soft, Utility Calls, SEO (search engine optimization), Appointment Setting, Data Entry, Web Designing, and Research.

Before they start working with you, still you have to evaluate them on the task that they will do. First you have to explain or tell them about your Business so that our VA’s can support you fully. And mostly you have to work with your VA together so that they will know exactly what to do, who to go to for certain needs, how you like things to be done, how you will want to be represented, they should know who your clients are and the things that in line with their specialty.

After you explain all the task that your VA has to do. your VA should document all the task that they do,  then upload it to your project management system. In that way you can observe all the things that they accomplished everyday.